How We Simplify Ownership

Is it time for your property to be renovated? Meeting the expectations of both you and your tenants is the key to maximizing returns on your investment. No matter how large or small, we oversee all renovations to make sure your property meets market expectations. We maintain relationships with qualified local contractors, and quality vendors to save you money. They are closely supervised in order to ensure the job is done correctly, on time, and within budget limits. Our project management team oversees the renovation process from beginning to end to make sure your money is used wisely and efficiently.

When your real estate is unoccupied, our team routinely inspects every aspect to ensure that everything is in good condition and working order. We help maintain the safety and security of your property by checking for leaks, vandalism, electrical issues, and other damage. If we find a fault or deficiency, we photograph it and immediately report it to you, so that you are always informed of the condition of your property.

We stay on top of board applications by carefully tracking them to ensure timely preparation and processing. We also offer assistance to owners with completion of the board package if needed, and the preparation of any checks or deposits required. If you need renewal lease approval, we work with both you and building management through the whole process, answering any questions and providing clarification.

Tax Preparation Made Easy With Year End Statements

We make tracking the financial activity of your assets simple with our monthly and annual accounting statements. By the 15th of every month, you receive a monthly owner’s statement detailing the income and expense activity of your apartments or properties. All receipts are attached for complete transparency and tracking purposes. You can track your monthly statements on our website, and access financial reports that can be shared with your investors. The financial reporting is done for you, making annual tax filing simpler and cheaper.

Our team stays up-to-date on all changes with New York City housing laws so that you stay compliant with regulations. Our goal is to avoid legal issues before they occur. We offer in-house legal counsel, available to assist you with any legal advice needed at a discounted price. In the event that a representative of the landlord is needed in court, we can attend on your behalf and provide updates of all events.

If your apartment is furnished, your inventory is as important as your real estate. We record and track all inventory on the furnishings of your apartment. Tenants sign an inventory statement upon moving in so there are no disputes upon their vacating. We also replace any broken or missing items so the inventory stays on track. If your apartment needs to be furnished, our staff decorators can provide expertise based upon the specific needs of your apartment.

Having proper insurance means the difference between payable claims and a total loss. It is critical that you have proper coverage with a credible carrier so that the insurance company will pay a claim. Our apartment management team will help you find an appropriate insurance policy at a competitive rate. We can obtain quotes for you and help guide you through every step of the process.

You can’t always attend every owner meeting, so when needed, a Peridot Management Team member can attend the meeting for you. We help you stay informed of the operating affairs of your condominium or co-op building by taking detailed notes of the information given at the meeting and provide you with a detail report of any updates on the building’s operations. We also help with any issues that occur during the meeting and stay on top of all conversations.

Our knowledgeable CPAs can save you money on tax payments and avoid unnecessary late fees or penalties. We work with many specialist vendors, and can offer assistance with filing all US taxes at discounted prices. If you prefer to maintain your own CPA, we are happy to work with them as well.

If you have mortgage escrows with a financial agency, we can review them to confirm accuracy. Banks occasionally miscalculate funds needed for insurance or property tax escrows. We review your mortgage and contracts carefully to make sure the bank refunds unnecessary excess funds.