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If you own a property and are interested in being a part of our Short-Term Rental system, call us or leave your information in our contact form and one of our consultants will get in touch with you shortly. We will explain our services and fees, and see if your home is a good fit. If you are interested in moving forward, we will send you a management agreement to sign. At the same time, we will request access to the property and conduct an initial inspection. We will immediately prepare your home’s online listing to get the property ready to be occupied right away.

When your home is deemed to be ready to receive guests, our management team will work tirelessly to ensure the highest profit. We will:

  • Place your listing on all major platforms and manage it.
  • Include beautiful photography and virtual tours of the property, matched with attractive descriptions.
  • Automatically update the price schedule to afford you maximum revenue.
  • Take care of your guests 24/7.
  • Keep your property looking its best at all times.
  • And if you have any questions, we are always just a phone call away.

Managing a rental property is an art that Peridot turns into reality. We start by handling every aspect of the rental for you. With us, you can forget about fielding guest calls at all hours of the day and night, spending your free time cleaning, tracking your reservations on multiple booking sites, or keeping your fingers crossed, hoping a booking will come in. With Peridot, more is the norm—like 24-hour local guest support, 360-degree home tours, professional home descriptions and photography, streamlined reservation management, and meticulous housekeeping after every stay. Best of all, we know how to set your optimal daily rate. We charge a straightforward fee, require no long-term contracts, and you are always free to visit your home whenever you like.

Your property is yours and, as such, you can reserve time to use it at your convenience. We just ask that you give us advance notice to make sure you will not overlap with an existing guest reservation. Whenever you need to use your home, let us know.

We are your partners in the short-term rental (STR) space and plan to be that indefinitely. We hope that you are too. However, we understand that things can happen when you least expect them and you are free to change your mind at your convenience. We just ask that you honor all existing reservations at that time.

You know how things are. When you own a property, one day you may need a plumber and the next an electrician. You also have to find a reliable housekeeper. At Peridot we offer a comprehensive solution, eliminating all hassles associated with renting the property, and we do so successfully.

We start by professionally marketing your home, interviewing prospective renters, and keeping the premises clean after every stay. You get a single bill and have a unique point of contact, because we are as invested in your house as you are.

At Peridot, we understand that it is not just about where your home is listed, but how. We maintain a close relationship with all major vacation rental sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and This way, we know that all Peridot homes will appear right at the top of the inventory whenever guests start to browse. Plus, we also have our own website that reaches thousands of potential guests every day.

Your home will also be included in the strategic marketing we gear towards our growing audience of both past and future guests. We always engage in constant advertisement through search engines, email, social media, and more.

As soon as you set up your Peridot account, you will have instant access to all data and updates regarding your property. Through your laptop or smartphone, you can clearly see all upcoming reservations, book your own stay, check the performance of your home in real time, review your revenue, and more. And if you have any further questions, you know we are always easy to reach.

We make use of the latest comparables and combine this information with other relevant factors such as location, weather, the area’s attractions, and more. We are constantly reviewing all price points to ensure they follow market trends and tirelessly work to fill your calendar to bring in the highest and more constant revenue stream.

We firmly believe in data analytics and revenue management to get the most favorable results. Call us anytime to get a personalized income estimate.

In recent years, we have all been made aware of the importance of having all surfaces not only clean but completely disinfected and sanitized. That is why our cleaning protocol meets or exceeds all guidelines established by the CDC. Because the health of all guests is our first priority and we want all your guests to feel extra confident when renting your home.

Our housekeepers have been professionally trained and use special cleaners and FDA-approved disinfectants. Gloves and face masks are worn at all times. All this, at no extra cost to your guests.

At Peridot, your success is our success. That is why we treat every property as if it was our own. Before the guests arrive, we make sure they are the best match for the property. We know that when guests find their ideal STR home, they will want to return to it time and again.

Before they step into your home, we stock it with basic necessities like toiletries, paper goods, and all needed cleaning supplies. We also always make sure your guests know they can call us anytime. We give them precise driving directions, and when they get there, they will find any necessary instructions such as the WIFI network and password, codes for the alarms, if there are any, and any other instructions that will make their stay seamless and unforgettable.

All guests are encouraged to leave a review when they leave, and we ask them to call us if they find even the smallest detail that does not meet or exceed their expectations.

No doubt about it, signing with Peridot is one of the smartest decisions a property owner can make. Call us today and let’s get started.