Short-term rental (STR) Property Management

What started as a small side business in 2011, grew so much that by 2017 it had grown into a full-blown enterprise. The numbers shown here are just a small portion of the income since they only reflect my revenue stream from Airbnb, which back then represented a mere 30 or 40% of the entire short-term rental landscape. Nowadays, Airbnb is the uncontested leader with a market share greater than 80%.

I am convinced that it is my ability to detect any obstacles from a mile away, recognizing issues before they turn into problems, and helping my clients avoid any unpleasant situations while keeping all the properties occupied, that have taken me to where I am now: Heading a profitable company that helps every one of my clients increase the revenue stream from their investment properties by more than 400%.

If this sounds appealing to you, call me for a free consultation to learn how I can help you make the most of your short-term rental property. You will have more money coming in and more time to devote to what is important to you.