Short-term rental (STR)

Property Management

Operations in New York, New Jersey,
and Florida

From its founding in 2011, Peridot Property Management has grown from the owner’s small side business into a full-blown enterprise by 2017. The numbers speak for themselves:

This data actually represents only a small portion of Peridot’s historic income, since they come solely from Airbnb. At the time of founding, Airbnb represented 30-40% of the STR landscape. Today it is the uncontested industry leader with market share over 80%.

Peridot built its reputation on early identification of obstacles, resolving problems before they become problems, and insulating clients from unpleasantness producing maximum profit. With our hands on the wheel, our clients grow their income streams over 400%.

If you want to realize that kind of profit, call me today for a free strategy call. We’ll discuss how Peridot can help you explode the profit of your short-term rental. More income, more time to devote to what matters to you.

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